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Episode 112 – An Unwise Investment

More Apple Innovation, Rich watches more Star Trek, and we add a new segment to the show “Musky Minutes” which follows the facinating world surrounding Elon Musk.

Episode 110 – It’s Us Again

In this episode, everyone’s favorite segment: Apple Innovation!! Also Star Trek news, Google AI stuff, and we discuss a domain that was stolen at gunpoint!

Episode 102 – Dragon Energy

Someone sold a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog! Also Apple “invents” VR and AR, Rich talks about Snail Quest, and Jay gives us some Star Trek news!

Episode 101 – Racing Against the Sun

The return of Gay Game Corner – Zelda is 25 years old!! Also – Apple can’t stop making terrible batteries, offers replacements for MacBook Pro batteries.

Episode 94 – The Apology

Rich apologizes for complaining about Crashplan backup. Plus we discuss the Telidon system, and Rich tells the tale of a spicy taco!!

Episode 93 – Hurricane Hardly

In this episode, Texas experiences a major hurricane while Rich & Jay watch it live. Apple has a new keyboard and they are SOOOO innovative!

Episode 91 – Approaching Infinity

In this episode, we discuss the new Windows 10 Dynamic Lock, Microsoft kills off MSPaint, and then revives it again… Rich also discovers Cascade Quest and VoidQuest by @IceFallGames

Episode 90 – Jay’s Happy Place

We discuss Spiderman and Elsa and YouTube copyright rules. Jay thinks Dr. Who is too “British”, and Rich rants about fiber internet. Ending song: “Pennies in my Piggy” by Jay

Episode 88 – Chasing the Dragon

FROM JUNE 2017 (because that’s how far behind we are…) Rich & Jay discuss how bad the Android YouTube app is and how NASA wants to visit the moon again.

Episode 86 – Translate This, B!

Rich and Jay learn how to use Google Translate to translate live speech. Jay decides he should be taking his food in intravenously to appease Rich.

Episode 82 – Return of the Switch

In this episode: – The Nintendo Switch is taking off (Jay was wrong) – Apple obtains permit for self-driving cars in California – Apple talking about buying Disney!

Episode 78 – Rich’s Sexy Italian Voice

In this episode: The Pi Zero W sold out….immediately. Also more Star Trek News,, and the Switch launch failure! Support us at

Episode 77 – We’re All Gonna Die

Join us this week for some hot steamy cortana-on-cortana action! Also Jay talks about his new Thrift Shop Shiz, and another Star Trek news segment!

Episode 76 – Douche and the Fatman

Episode 76 brings you more Star Trek Discovery news! Also, Getting Gay with Games with Jay & we explain why Best Buy sucks balls. ROOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 74 – The Sexy Sax Man

Check out video of the show at In this episode: – Rich tweets Trump!! – Nintendo Switch specs are revealed! – Founder of Namco dies

Episode 63 – Coming Out

Join us as we finally come out of the closet. HAHA jk, jk. In this episode: – DMCA’s Sky – Suicide Squad – Yahoo Hack – North Korean domains

Episode 59 – Back to our Roots

It took until episode 59, but we actually do a repair! Imagine that… – Terraria review – Mr Robot Review – The Nosulous Rift & The Fractured but Whole

Episode 51 – The WTF Pod

Watch us in Video form: In this episode we discuss: – Muckbang – The new Asus robot – Hacking Construction Signs – Rich talks about editing Wikipedia

Episode 48 – Make America Drunk Again

So Radiohead has a new album… Also in this episode: – Doom 3 vs 4 – The 100 year movie – Google’s amazing new invention – Phony Facebook events

Episode 24 – The Trainwreck

Thanks for checking us out! #famousindeutschland In this episode: – Shitty internet connections – Jay’s Theme Pack – The Apple Car Rumors – Rich’s hidden modem – Ancient Artifacts

Episode 19 – Minecraft is a Drug

Finally, Episode 19! Thank you for your patience while we get caught up. – Minecraft server drama – Gandolf boot disk – Lastpass – Hitchhiking robot